Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Right Stuff: Baal Legionnaires

The Legions of Baal burn with a raging lust for war and MURDER! They are coming for you and at tip of the burning spear is General Oadius himself!!! The glorious days of Warhammer 40k Sixth edition are upon us!

 Psykers of all kinds are a must have weapon!

 Vet teams with multiple kits. Hardcore Imperial Guard troopers.

 A big Platoon and Commissar with lots of guns.

 More Tanks! Starting with Chimeras.

 Leman Russ Battle Tank Squadron.

Enough Hydras to kill... anything.


Vendettas for, "heavy lifting."

On to the real work - there will be more than enough MURDER on the tabletop for all of you soon enough!

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  1. I like to bring the pain in a variety of shapes and sizes.