Sunday, October 14, 2012

MurderChant: sDm Kabal and The Hall Of Heroes

Good MURDER Morning to ya! Herding up the sDm Kabal for some fresh killing today, down the road at the Wolfbrothers local stomping grounds, Heroes Games and Hobbies

The Hall of Heroes of one of the few no-holds-barred full on Sixth Edition Warhammer 40k tournaments you will be able to find. Thats right, no expert-hat fix-it modifications to deal with. That means the missions, the secondaries, the mysterious stuffs, the warlord chart, and yes even Terrain placement, are literally by the book. Its our local escalation league tournament, increasing 250pts each month. Today we are dealing in 1500pts of MURDER on the tabletops.

Recently I have received a great deal of inquires about the sDm Kabal. Have they been benched by the hard hitting 6th changes? Is the web way portal useless now? Can you Dark Eldar hang?

There is not a lot available on the Internets as far as real hard hitting competitive Dark Eldar - the brutal generals of Sacramento and Reno/Sparks know the vicious bite of the sDm Kabal has only gotten much worse, and Dark Eldar generals are representing on the GT scene quite well. So here you go.

 1500pts of Hard hitting Dark Eldar MURDER:

"Hold My Hat While I Have Sex With Your MURDER"

The Baron
Haemonculus w/ Web Way Portal

3 Wracks in Venom (Splinter cannonx2)
5 Warriors in Venom (Splinter cannonx2)
5 Warriors in Venom (Splinter cannonx2)
5 Warriors in Venom (Splinter cannonx2)

15 Hellions

1 Ravager
2 Voidraven Bombers w/Shatterfieldx2 and Flickerfield

Eldar Farseer on Jetbike with Spear, Warding, and Mind War
3 Guardians on Jetbikes

The web way portal is not dead by any means and either are the Dark Eldar. Really, as far as web ways go, 6th has illustrated its proper use to many DE generals. The days of the Beast and Wych rush are over, but its value in delivering overwhelming blaster-haywire-poison killyness has only increased. How to deliver the delivery system, is the real question.

This list is specialty in many ways. The Hall of Heroes uses a Margin of Victory each round throughout the tournament. You must defeat your opponent by 5 Victory Points to achieve massacre. With this in mind, as well as the local metagame, and Relic and Scouring mission archtype - the list and its various tools take shape. Of Course there is a lot of stuffs I wish this list had room for, as is the case with any list and tournament.

So the plan is to simply game the mission. Hope to go first, paper the objectives, and then use utility and poison to burn the opponent off the table. The list has a utility belt to come up with solutions as necessary and is obviously lopsided in shots downrange at infantry or tanks. As we all know, those are the decisions agonized over and the razor we walk as dirty evil scum Xeno generals. Tomorrow we can get into the nitty gritty of the Dark Eldar 6e Menace, today is the Murdermake.

Death To The Enemies Of The Wolfbrothers!

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