Thursday, November 29, 2012

Birds Of Prey

The real meat and potatoes of the Gold Arrow Squadron are ole Whitey's pals here marked in Red and Gold!

 The Vendetta Squadron comprises just one layer of the sophisticated Air Superiority and Air Defense capabilities of the 444th and the Army of General Oadius.

The Squadron of course boasts handfuls of highly accurate Lascannons and each bird can carry any manner of trooper directly into battle or vital strategic locations. They are sure to be found supporting all parts of the Army Of Oadius.


  1. These are kind of clean for you Doug. After seeing you go all out on weathering and airbrush OSL this is a little surprising. Don't get me wrong they look great, I was just really inspired with you GK craziness that it really helped me with the Dark Eldar.

  2. Thanks in all directions.

    I havent painted much clean in a long time. The 444th is a pretty immaculate lot compared to the others I have done lately.