Thursday, November 1, 2012

There is NO substitute for ZEAL

This month the Army of General Oadius receives fanatical reinforcements as the 444th Baal Planetary Suppression Force rolls out of the Murder Factory and onto the tabletop to pass out the hurt!

Its been a huge project entirely supervised by one of our newest Wolfbrothers, General Alexander.

After a tremendous construction effort, the entire fleet of imperial weaponry was treated to  several layers of airbrushed "color bands" and a hairspray/salt mask to setup and install the initial highlights and weathering army-wide. Last month we posted a sort of step by step breakdown of the process used on this army.

 Starting with 3-part primer/underpainting we end up with 3-part Red on top of a weathering salt mask on top of  5-part color band (Black/Green/Tin/Grey/White.) Basically a lot of airbrushing to achieve a close-to-finish effect with little brushwork needed to complete.

The rest sort of speaks for itself as we end up with a bunch of big mean Imperial guns looking for something to shoot at.  Some really big missiles too.

 General Oadius wont be lacking for Anti Aircraft firepower if he wants it.

 Or Anti-whatever firepower really. This Army brings more than one of every kind of Imperial Gun available.

 Tanks! Lots of Tanks - with big guns on top!

Next up marches on the Queen of Battle - the Red, Red Infantry of the Baal PSF

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  1. MAN! The murder factory may have outdone itself this time, great work SDM!!