Monday, May 30, 2011

The Cost Of War

Blood Legion perform final battle ceremonies at the May 21st Warhammer 40k Contest of Champions Tournament, Great Escape Games Sacramento. The competition, the energy, the excitement were everything General Oadius and I had made it out to be to our battle brothers - and for the lucky few that had made the trip with us this round - they were just as amazed and excited! The Wolfbrothers had come for Battle!

 For a "local escalation league" the Contest of Champions is HUGE. Its been great to see some of the armies grow and progress over the last several months. Some people bring a different army entirely each tournament. The competition is Always fierce!

High Sorcerer Ahriman almost ran to his first table he was so excited! Cant blame him, I actually ran to my first table. The Tournament is highly organized and the Great Escape Games staff is really pumped.

Each time we make the trip to Sacramento we are not disappointed. General Oadius never sleeps for weeks before an event. Could you with all those chanting, crazy Blood Angel guys getting ready for a fight? Mission twists, additional victory conditions, new personal bonus objectives... they do a great job mixing it up.  

First Round Matt and Oadius battle out good wins. The Dark Eldar snack on unsuspecting Sisters of Battle... General Ian's Salamanders were Snacked on by Chaos Space Marines Nurgle. The Circle of Life... (maddened Dark Eldar giggle)

Second Round General Ian pounded some hapless stranger with green drop pods and pissed off Dreadnoughts. "Choices, Choices," was the mission - a familiar and straight up Pitched battle, Annihilation. The Dark Eldar general's favorite.

Casey McNamara's Space Wolves smacked around the Archon Prophet and the rest of the shameless Dark Eldar Army. What a horrible show for the Duke indeed! Arriving from reserve very slowly, but with great style, the Dark Eldar Army bounced off Casey's "Longtooth" Pack and lost the round something like 10-1 in kill points. Matt and Oadius added to the falling Wolfbrother Annihilation snubbage (they lost also) - good thing General Ian had those angry Dreads...

Third round saw to it that most of the Wolfbrothers faced off versus Chaos Space Marines. General Ian kept to it and the Dark Eldar and High Sorcerer Matt (??) got back to work. General Oadius could have been asleep at this point, we still aren't sure. 

Frankie G's CSM Army was fantastic! Painted and modeled in all ways possible and necessary, it was a great match up and we both had a good time comparing and appreciating each other's models. His rhinos were marked with custom sculpts based on his Demon princes, he also was toting around black and grey smoke markers that could light up to become wreckage markers. Excellent game.

The mission was called, "The Cost of War," and the Nurgle could feel the vengeance of the Dark Eldar from round 2. Spearhead Deployment, multiple objectives, and your most expensive HQ, Unit, and Vehicle counting as additional objectives when destroyed. The Dark Eldar army deployed into reserve and came screaming onto the board Turn 2. Frankie was a great opponent, and the Dark Eldar pulled every small bit of pain out of his list that was possible as the game kept going through turn 6.

Awesomely done Gary, Sirus, and the rest of you GeG staffers. Thanks again!

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