Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My very own... Walrus and the Lake?

"Stylish Blogger"

Is that how that goes? A great big thank you to Colonel Shofer for his attention and nomination! I use his blog as a most excellent portal to all things hobby. I have been playing Strategy Wargames for... as long as I can remember - my Dad being the original Wargamer and Hobbyist of course! The Battle of Gettysburg, the Battle of the Bulge, the Battle of Britain, The Gulf War, you name it. 

The Rules
1. A 'thank you' and link back to the nominating blog.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
- Words of wisdom I appreciate, but often ignore, "Accomplish the mission, don't fuck around. Always give them a way out, but be ready for them to make the wrong decision. Never stop learning something. "

- My wife and long time best friend, a great cook and determined in all ways - I love her dearly!

- Our pack consists of two humans, two cats, and two dogs. Big dogs. We are into Schutzhund training. WANT TO KNOW MORE?

- I am a Martial Artist and delight in Combat Sport and Self Defense. My favorite 'topics' are knives, improvised weapons, and modern close quarter combative methods that include various weaponry like chemical sprays, tasers, handguns, etc! Although the guy who kills me at the end, my Kung-fu brother and Ultimate Nemesis, prefers to specialize in unarmed death.

- I really enjoy and love everything about Warmachine and the Cryx. Disney musicals and musicals of all sorts also.

- Although ShotDownMind is one person made up of billions and billions of personalities, the blog itself also has many supporters and contributors, thanks everyone for your help and energy!

- I think its all about energies in all ways. Teacher say everything is everything, relax...

3. Nominate 10 or so other blogs you deem worthy of such an award.

In order of significance and overall value to the Universe - each contributing greatly to the inspiration to showcase my work and get in on the blogger community:

Fritz40k - The Way of Saim Hann. The Original best source for 40k goodness on the Internet. Watch his battle reports and instructionals, especially if you are new to the game.

YTTH - He breaths you, like air. Awesomeness in 40k List building & Strategy. Not really the next step, like the next two or three phases of construction.

Whiskey & 40k - "THE NOVA" is the vanguard 40k (and more) event in all ways competitive or not. Great place to stay up to date on whats going on in that world.

Jawaballs - Relentless Blood Angel player and hobbiest.

Black Matt - This is an award for Style, and this blog has it in all ways. I am entertained and educated. Skill level is extraordinary!

Strictly Average - If you want to be really good at anything, then you really need to be immersed in all ways.

Mind War - Study your opponents and learn from their victories and mistakes.

From The Warp - Original portal to 40k blogosphere. There is a lot going on here, take the time.

Creative Twilight - Somewhere in the middle of 40k canon, but gets its own section. Good reading at all times.

Hogs of War - Feels Raw and Dirty. Feels Good.

4. Let them know of your nominating them for the award.

More pushing of buttons? Will do and check!

Thanks again Colonel, and of course much gratitude for 40kNation Community - where you can usually find both myself and the Colonel in various forms...


  1. Thanks for the nomination. Curious about a few things. One, why did you highlight a few of the blogs where others are plain links? Second, where did this all begin?

  2. Just thought it was better and more creative than saying: all of these are awesome resources! Which they are.

  3. I spent a couple hours tracing the Award and dont have a great answer.