Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WOLFBROTHERS BATTLE REPORT: 1750pt Dark Eldar vs Blood Angel Soul Drinkers

Contest of Champions practice mission, "Storm Rising." Spearhead, C&C, Table Quarters are additional objectives for the win. Playing at the Wolfbrothers CoC PRIMER Tournament, Round 2.

General Caleb was hunting Dark Eldar apparently -


  1. Nice batrep as always ShotDownMind. Hard fought battle and a great result for the Dark Eldar.

    I've noticed you go all-reserves quite often, even when getting first turn. Why is this? I know it worked out well in this game, and has worked out well in the past, but facing against this particular army with NO long range anti-vehicle firepower, why not start on the board and light him up right from the get go, rather than rely on reserves and let him dictate the battlefield? You're faster than any army out there, and can pump out a ridiculous amount of firepower, so why not take advantage of that? Just curious as to your reasoning, and i'd like to hear it.

    Again, congrats on the win and another great report! Keep em coming!

  2. Simply because I do not want to get shot at, shot down, or killed, at all, ever, before I shoot things and move where I want to first.

    I dont need five or six or seven turns to kill you, you need that long to knock me down, get rid of mobility, and shoot me off the board.