Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Realm Unbound

"Depth Perception"

Last week I spent a bunch of time reviewing and revisiting the various corners of the internet regarding Dark Eldar tactica. Most things with that name are horrible lists of units and wargear and various combinations - not tactica, codex review. Almost every damn 40k podcast out there take each new (and old) codex and goes through it page by page, unit by unit, one independent character at a gosh darn time, blathering about the whos the whens and the wares. Sometimes they stumble onto actual tactics and strategy but rarely. Thats what you find out there mainly, "take this, do that, this makes my tummy tickle."

Im no stranger to the funky funk of the internets. This horrible display has played itself out time and time again with each new codex or quirky White Dwarf countless times. Ive watched it personally with great interest and HORROR over the last couple years. Its just that this time it was personal. Most people are out there putting the Dark Eldar and Grey Knights to shame in all sorts of ways. Tactics are not "X+Y equals cool, try it out!" Tactics are why we paint little toy soldiers, and good ones are the real General's only true path to glory.

Here are some links to the best Dark Eldar stuff out there, this is where its at for the Dark Eldar, and its the only real good stuffs to be found:

Yes The Truth Hurts - Venom Based Armies - This is the most recent thread but if you following the bouncing white dot you will find actual tactics and strategy discussion here, and not a single useless list of wargear or random quirky unit combos.

Dashofpepper's Dark Eldar Guide - Advocating mainly a Venom based approach also, but with huge tactical and strategic differences, even on how to play similar lists.

Warseer 'Tactica' Thread - The other side mostly. You can skip past the wargear list that has been reposted on every forum on the net. I promise actual tactical discussion here also.

If I have somehow missed something valuable, please inform. Dont get me wrong here either - I didnt call this post a tactica  - that's for sure, and Im not saying these are the only ways to build or play competitive Dark Eldar in the current environment. What I am saying is that these links are where you will find real Dark Eldar tactica being discussed instead of the constant flow of wargear and unit build tabloid garbage that is usually called Tactica by most writers and podcasts.

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