Friday, August 31, 2012

Feast of Blades - Club Tournament Team Zero Comp #1 vs Wolfbrothers #6


   Reecius has agreed to a tournament event where the best(or all) of the Team Zero Comp guys come to Reno to play the best of the Wolfbrothers.  Looks like the tournament will be held at Heroes Games & Hobbies in Sparks, Nevada using the Zero Comp rule set.  The date is not in stone but we are hoping for October of this year.  We have not agreed to a point value yet, but you can bet your ass that table top murder is going to happen on a very epic scale.
     The honor is all ours as Reece and the boyz are not only SUPER busy hosting all the hottest tourneys on the West Coast, they are the highest ranked Warhammer 40,000 club in the entire nation.  With honor comes adversity...Reece, Will, Frankie, Christian and all the rest(yes, even Dr. Andrew) are cold blooded killers on the table top.  The Wolfbrothers will rise to the occassion as usual but this could possibly be the most difficult event we have ever hosted or even participated in...  I am not going to say that we expect to get our asses handed to us, but the odds are in their favor.  Ranking wise, almost any one of their generals are higher ranked than any one of ours(yes, even me[#17]). 

The terrain will be familiar to us and John's way arranging said terrain will be familiar to us...unfortunately the Team Zero Comp guys will think they walked into one of their own wet dreams.  Tank hiding, even flyer hiding terrain could be used on any or all of the tables. 

     The rules will be familiar to them, a bunch of the Team Zero Comp guys are professional 40,000 players and/or tournament organizers of the highest quality and experience....this is a major advantage.

     The environement will be familiar to us and hopefully they will arrive the night before where Douglas and I can thoroughly intoxicate them to the point of massive hangovers of the worst kind.  This will not only dull......wait, never mind that paragraph...

     I have agreed up front not to bribe the Tournament Judge and/or the store owners with legal tender from this country.

     Douglas has agreed to stay the execution of anyone who might end up defeating him in tabletop battle until they have time to leave the state and/or settle thier affairs. 
     Jake has not agreed to anything, nor has Kevin, Caleb, Ian, Matt, Travis, Casey, Sam or Quade.....this may or may not mean anything or something, now or later...
     I personally would like to play Will and Reece, Frankie will just smile as he beats me again....

I'd love to see Bass play Frankie, Nurgle vs Nurgle.


I'd love to see Jake Reeser play Reece, Nids vs SW

anyways...this stream of consciousness is about to end, so here is your heads up Wolfbrothers & World.  It's time to take our shit to the next level and give the Team Zero Comp fellas a serious run for their money.