Friday, August 10, 2012

This Aint No Hat....

This Sunday, August 12th - The Wolfbrothers will be stomping around our local store, Heroes Games & Hobbies smashing each other with MURDER at 1000pts. 

The Hall Of Heroes is our local Escalation League Tournament held each month. Recently "re-started" at 1k due to 6th edition, its a real 40k Tournament, with no "expert-hat" limited 40k rules modifications. Allies, Forts, Psykers, Flyers, even the Shooting phase being fully allowed. I hear they even plan to leave the game as is once we hit the 2k mark and the Dreaded and Obviously Broken 2nd Force Org Chart core game rule will be in effect. Bloody Marvelous!

 There will be lots of Pain tokens to go around with the MURDER on the Tabletops. Also Prizes for the Winners and RAFFLE PRIZES up for anyone and everyone! Now is your chance to piss in General Oadius' Cheerios, although - he doesn't eat Cheerios! (Only the Living Flesh of Fresh Virgin Psykers.)


  1. Good luck with your event today guys! Sadly I have to work :-(