Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Emperors Will

Here we are barely 45 days since the new game dawned and only now are most of us even grasping the new found awesomeness.  Most of the expert hats attempting to modify the game at its core have died off and we are starting to get to play and expect to play the new game in its wholeness. 2nd Force Org Chart being one of the last bastions of expert hat debate.

This weekend The Wolfbrothers beat each other to a pulp at the 1k Hall Of Heroes Tournament at local Heroes Games & Hobbies. In the end several Victors emerged:

Best Overall: Jake Reeser (Nids,) Best General: Kevin Morgan (Sisters,) Best Paint: Ian Gahner (Necrons,) Best Sportsman: Griffin Peralta (Necrons.)

Kevin and his girls smashed The sDm Dark Harlystar during the first Round - Vanguard, Relic Mission. Then later faced Jakes Nids and Andrews IG on the path to Victory.


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  1. The emporer protects. Thanks for the great game shotdown