Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 Wolfbrothers PRIMER Tournament - Saturday, Jan 14th

Come one come all, The Wolfbrothers will be hosting a 1250pt Warhammer 40k Tournament on Saturday January 14th! 

This will be a classic "PRIMER" Tournament and Wolfbrother Club Meeting! We Need You There! 
Location To Be Announced soon.

Prizes and Sponsorship to the actual Jan 28th Contest of Champions at Great Escape Games, Sacramento for the winners!

Remember, the PRIMER Tournament is to get you ready for The Big Deal in Sacramento. We will mimic the CoC in all ways, so watch for any changes or announcements!  Please review the composition scoring system and the mission book!

Please RSVP so we can make sure to have enough tables and terrain for all!

Contact Douglas of Wolfbrothers anytime by text or call at 775.997.3268 or Wolfbrothers40k@gmail.com

Thanks everyone!