Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Victory!! Team Wolfbrothers 3-0 for BEST OVERALL / TWIN LINKED CHAMPIONS!

 That's right...ShotDownMind and General Oadius did it again. The gods of war have rewarded our persistence and dedication to the pursuit of victory with yet another fruit from the tree of battle. Hard fought victories make the spoils that much sweeter and this was no seal clubbing. In fact we were forced to face off against MadJohn and Santa our respected peers and forum mates for 1st place. The dice and fate would play as big a part as any superior list or strategem we may have used against the OrkyKnights but victory came none the less.

Our lists:
reclusiarch with death company in a rhino
2 razorback assault marine squads
las/auto cannon predator
Baal Predator with twin linked assault cannon and heavy bolter sponsons

2 haemonculous each with a webway portal
2 x 15 wyches with the fixins
8 wracks in a raider with Nightshield, flickerfield and grisly trophies
a razorwing fighter

Team Wolfbrothers vs Interstallar Blitzkrieg(Grey knights and Blood Angels)

enemy list(approximately):
Furioso Libby Dread with Drop Pod
Death Company Blood Talon Dreadnought with Drop Pod
Death company in a drop pod
something else.. can't remember [a fast vindicator]

8 Death Cult Assassins in a Chimera
Jokaero and Servitors in a Chimera
Grey Knight Interceptors(full squad)
A DreadKnight

We went first and deployed the Wrack and Haemons in raider with a Predator, the rest were coming in from reserve and the Baal was outflanking. They deployed Mephiston and Coteaz. Interstellar Blitzkrieg didnt' want to seize so Shotdownmind deployed a Webway portal near middle left.

Drop pods with the 2 dreadnoughts came down around the raider with the DC dread coming in near our short table edge. We had DC rhino and razorback come in from reserves and I think one of the wyches. Ended up that the Wyches killed the DC dreadnought in CC with haywire grenades and I ended up assaulting the DC with DC and killing them while my tanks shot at Mephiston and the Libby dread. The other webway was put down farther forward on the other side and that pretty much sealed up their doom.

We had 2 objectives within walking distance of our short table edge and theirs were much farther in. They had expended a majority of their mobility with the drop pods that were, except Mephiston's presence, unsupported. Mephiston and Libby did kill my DC but left themselves open to the hail of fire that exacted revenge nicely.

By the end of the game the wracks had made it all the way across the board to kill Coteaz and the Wyches contested the enemy objective, captured the middle(with both squads) while the assault marines sat on our objectives for a tally of 5-0(center objective was worth 3). Wolfbrothers score 20/20 points for round 1.

GAME 2 Wolfbrothers vs Black Steel (GK and Imperial Guard)

Enemy lists(approximately):

2x10 man Grey Knight squads
Grey Knight Interceptors(full squad)
Xenos Inquisitor
Vindicare Assassin

3x Vet Teams in Chimera(1 plasma unit and 2 melta)
Flak Battery Squadron(2 units)
Company Commander

GAME Summary
A notable player either tries to insult our intelligence or acted in a manner that was completely inappropriate..General Oadius rolled a 1 for red thirst and all hell broke loose. A compromise was reached and the battle restarted. After that they seized and started to blow our shit up.

Long story short..wyches did the heavy lifting and we won with Assault Marines and Wracks holding a table quarter and the wyches contesting the others.

Bay Area Open GT measuring tool for the win.Wolfbrothers scored like 17 of 20 points.

GAME 3 Wolfbrothers vs OrkyKnights
We were both relieved to get a game that we didn't care if we won or lost because we wanted to hang with the people that we were pitted against us.

Madjohn and Scott(santa) have been a force to be reckoned with at the Twin Linked tournies but we knew win or lose we'd have fun with good people. I won't even get into trying to explain this game to you but sufficed to say that we got first turn(which was huge) and ended up only very slightly ahead at the end. Wolfbrothers win 18 of 20 points.

Super fun and an amazing way to cap out the 2011 tournaments. Mark at Great Escape Games has run these tournaments well enough to attract 20(!!!)TEAMS for a December tournament on Sunday. That says something in itself but the scenarios were fun and very challenging, the terrain was ample/consistent and the prizes were insane. This was a "cherry on top" tournament for Great Escape Games in my opinion. Wolfbrothers can't get enough....

Check out the blog for pics of the made to order dice bags that Great Escape and Mark are hooking up as trophies for the tournament.



  1. Howl Wolfbrothers! Good job guys way to represent!

  2. Good Job gents. Hopefully youll be able to face us for the top spot next time...