Monday, December 12, 2011

The Rubric of Ahriman: Mudd

 As Ahriman crusades through the Warp and across the galaxy in search of knowledge and power, I am painting his Army for commission to tabletop standard. Today, we get to play in the dirt!

 Started with a few big scoops of potting soil. All over the internets you will find warnings about fertilizer and soil pests or pathogens, with instructions to wash and cook your dirt. Blah blah. Use cheap fresh stuff from the store, nothing fancy with fertilizers or moisture control. I didnt care, I get mine from a nice dry sunny spot out in the yard. You can find similar warnings and instructions on sorting the dirt, I just gave it a good shake in the big container, and scooped the stuff that looked the best into the small container.

I used the two part tupperware to mix the mud. In the small side I have about 60/40 glue to water. In the big side I added the glue and water to the dirt separately and mixed into a paste as I used it.

Basically I would roughly coat the area for dirt with the glue/water, apply the dirt paste liberally, then I would coat the dirt with glue and shape the dirt with the stiff brush, brushing off excess etc. I feel the shaping/coating step was the most important.

Once the dirt was dry (12+ hours) it was time for color. In order I applied light layers of Bleached Bone, Graveyard Earth, Bestial Brown, and Scorched Brown, and a final light coat of Bone. Eventually the finish effect will have some very carefully applied tiny swaths of White.

Ah yes, something similar for the infantry - they are next!


  1. Looks good! Love all the updates...keep um comin'!

  2. WOW!! love the tanks and color schemes. The mud tutorial looks fantastic to boot!