Wednesday, December 14, 2011

XV LEGION: The Emperor's Automatons

The Thousand Sons fellowship of High Sorcerer Matt ready for War!

Like all armies, this one started as a pile of bits (and still has a few to go!)

 Once everything was put back together it was all given a very rough white primering! Most of these models were already primed white or blue or both. Some were painted in various manners. Sprayed right over all of it!

Then I installed the initial base-coat with airbrush, Starting with a band/swath of Warlock Purple from the knees down, but also underneath the entire model. Purple was followed by Regal Blue on the model from the knees up at a downward angle (above the model) - basically leaving the feet white, knees and under surfaces purple. Next up was Enchanted Blue over the same surfaces but carefully avoiding all recesses. Then quick highlights with Ice Blue, and finally Skull White.

 Resulting in the nice glowing blue armor! To prep for the basing effects the lower half of the model was inked with Devlan Mud. Then using the same process I used on the vehicles, dirt/glue mixture was applied liberally to the base and on the models from the knee down, and when the dirt was dry (12 hours+) I painted the bases Adeptus Battlegrey and then worked up each model with Skull White via airbrush to finish the initial basing effects.

From the basecoat and basing effect stages its all downhill, no more fancy business!

Nothing special, just foundation and metallics, then Badab Black ink wherever necessary - around and in between and underneath, careful of the nice blue armor finish! This was the reason for the Purple to Regal Blue to Enchanted and so on workup on the armor earlier, to avoid using much ink later to add shading to parts of the armor!

To lock in the army on the Tabletop, light "swooshes" of Army Builder Snow flock was applied with the same cheap glue as the earlier basing effects. 

After the Graabvelt campaign, some easy highlights will complete this army entirely!


  1. Awesome job. Those tanks are amazing. I considered using the same effect you did for mud on my vehicles back when I did them but shied away. Now though you've convinced me. The swirling colors of Tzeentch on them just puts them over the top. Impressive army!

  2. Everything looks great, glory to Chaos!!!
    The army has really come together nicely,
    Another fine job by SDM!