Sunday, December 11, 2011

The student-aspirants, The Achaeminians

Painting the Thousand Sons to a tabletop standard - we wanted these guys to end up bright blue, yellow and gold - with hardcore basing effects, this force is on its way to the Gates of The Fang itself!

  I went about 'updating' the blue that was already installed on the tanks. A lot of damage had occurred during the years of transport and of course the rebuilding effort. The first coat of blue was entirely to try and get a smooth finish on the swoosh at the end of all this fun. I also hit the storm bolters, trophy racks, tank tracks, and the vindicator shields with Boltgun. Then I crafted a simple Tzeech swoosh symbol mask and quickly taped off the boltgun areas.

After the first coat of blue and the mask, I hit each tank with bands of Black, Purple, Red, and finally Yellow. After the color bands I hit the Tzeech swoosh with Black to give it a feathered outline.

At this stage I just focused on having a recognizable color band and having a smooth blended transition from and to each. Then I covered the tanks with hairspray and salt. I use a mixture of 4 different sizes of salts for effect. The salt is applied VERY HEAVY on the yellow swath, with less and less as each individual tank's color moved though to the blue.

After the salt/hairspray dried, I covered the fleet with Blue and updated the Black Outline on the swoosh mask. I paid close attention to getting the paint down inside the salt buildup and on the model. Once this coat of paint was dry (overnight) I then washed off the salt under the faucet with gloves, a toothbrush and VERY hot water!

 So the Armor effect installed, its time to paint these bitches!

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