Wednesday, June 8, 2011

40k Rules Clarifications

95 pages of Big Rule Book and 6 pages of FAQ/Errata. Occasionally we run into unclear or rare situations. Other times its back to the basics. Here are a few that needed some clarification lately:

- Independent characters Joining/Leaving Units: The Characters section starts on pg47 and there is a whole page of detail on pg48 about this very subject. Moral of the story here is that if your Character is already part of the unit at the start of the turn, the Unit itself only makes one roll for difficult terrain even if you intend to detach the character through movement that phase. Mr awesomeness doesnt get a separate roll unless he was already separate.

- Vehicle Damage results and Combat Resolution: pg63 vs pg73 - Only damage results vs Walkers count towards combat resolution.

- Independent Characters in Close Combat: pg49 - they are treated as separate single model units - and units only take saves vs wounds cause by attacks allocated to that unit. Dont get crazy here, its not complicated. Assaults work differently then Shooting...

- Dreadnoughts (Walkers) and cover: pg56 starts the vehicle section that covers everything you need to know about Vehicles (mostly!) Walkers are a Vehicle! pg60 is Vehicle Facing and Armor Values. pg62 details Vehicles and Cover-Obscured Targets (how vehicles get a cover save.) pg72 is the sub-section on Vehicles regarding Walkers specifically (Walkers are a Vehicle!) Moving walkers is different from other vehicles in regards to terrain. Shooting at Walkers is also covered briefly on that page. I dont know what game Walkers get cover simply from walking into terrain and standing on a rock, in Warhammer 40k the Armor Facing the shooter needs to be at least 50% obscured. This is not unclear. As long as I am here, pg58 - Vehicle Weapons & Line of Sight, "...trace the line of sight from each weapons' mounting and along its barrel, to see if the shot is blocked by terrain or models." That part doesnt change any for Walkers either.

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