Monday, June 20, 2011

REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT - Dante and Mephiston in the Garden of Baal

Ok, so General Oadius talks a lot of shit and you've seen some of my battle reports, but what lists am I fielding now?

My favorite and the most recent incarnation of my competitive tournament list is something I call "Garden", it's short for - Dante and Mephiston in the Garden of Baal. It's shock value is really quite something but so far it's proven a nearly all comers, all scenarios list. I hope you hate it and don't understand how I could possibly win with it....

Commander Dante - 225

Brother Calistarius, Mephiston the Lord of Death - 250

Sanguinary Guard with Banner
5x Infernus Pistol and 1x Power Fist - 290

10 Assault Marines in Rhino
1 x Melta Gun 1x Melta Bomb - 220

Lemartes - 150
10 Death Company
1x Power Fist 1x Power Weapon 1xBolter - 240

Death Company Dreadnought "Nayef" - 125

Predator with Auto Cannon and Las Cannon Sponsons - 135

Storm Raven with TL Multi-Melta and TL Assault Cannon
Extra Armor - 215

Yeah I rock like 32 models....

Mephiston likes to deploy hidden as far forward as possible. Sometimes when I get first turn and have defensive objectives I'll give him the Assault marine Rhino to jump into and move forward 12" and pop smoke. He likes to kill things that won't kill him back and he likes to keep his psychic hood in range to spoil the enemies psykers day. The trick to Mephiston is to keep him hidden from the Low AP guns and out of combat with force weapon squads. Against the GK he will kill vehicles and dreadnoughts and take his chances just like every other multi wound model in the game. At least he has a psychic hood and strikes at INI7 base...

The Predator likes to deploy if he can hide behind something during 1st turn enemy alpha strike. He can usually bring all 4 shots into play with only the 6" he's allowed as a fast vehicle. Remember the enemy will be moving forward trying to get an angle on you if you deployed right. If not deployed, he is perfectly happy coming in as a reserve and shooting things up or contesting an objective, tank shocking, ramming or blocking. In an annihilation mission the predator can keep his armor 13 facing front and do serious damage to one tank or transport per turn.

If I got first turn and I'm not too worried about you seizing then I'll go ahead and put the Stormraven on the board as far forward as possible....Inside is the Dreadnought, Lemartes and his fallen flock. This is obviously the bulk of the army and despite the Stormraven's size it is usually quite capable of deploying it's payload and staying alive, quite a few turns. After everything disembarks, the Stormraven likes to move 6" and shoot everything it has at some poor unsuspecting unit or tank. That's a Twin Linked Multi-Melta, a Twin Linked Assault Cannon and 4 Blood Strike missiles all at once. Even if you do shoot down the Storm Raven straight off and the Death company come mindlessly raging at you along with the Dreadnought you can't just shoot them off the board in one phase. They are of course all fearless and feel no pain, the dreadnought ignores shaken and stuns and is fleet. If you focus everything you have on the Death Company then Mephiston will thank you kindly.

The Assault Marines are usually held in reserve and may be split into combat squads. Sometimes they have a rhino sometimes they don't. I like to try and place objectives within walking distance of my board edge. These 10 models are not expected to kill anything, nor are they allowed to die.

Dante and the Sanguinary Guard. They are almost always reserved and deepstriking. I like to roll Red Thirst for the Guard. Dante lowers the enemy HQ by 1 WS, 1 INI, 1 Wound, 1 LDRSHIP at the start of the game. Dante does not scatter....So Dante likes to come down on your flanks or your rearguard and destroy your favorite unit with 6 melta pistols that get as close as they want. If you assault them you have to deal with his DeathMask, his 5 attacks at INI6 and his Master Crafted Power weapon, their 3 attacks at INI 4 with Master Crafted Weapons and the power fist, only to find out that they are HIT and RUN with 3D6" for movement that only fails on a 6... then they come back to shoot you and assault you, rinse and repeat until you've lost half of your army. I don't blame you though...Lemartes and company, a DC Dread, a Stormraven and Mephiston are in the middle of the board coming right for can't afford to deal with the oldest space marine in the Imperium and his Ultra, Ultra, Ultra, Ultra elite Honour Guard armed to the teeth.

So that's the whole thing mates.. I know this list would scare you to field. You'd think about all those models you have in your pretty little gunline lists and say to yourself "Vulkan this" or "terminators that" or some such dribble. Or you'd say "Gazghull Thraka and all his boyz" or something inwardly comforting like that but you'd be wrong.

Doubters are welcome to come to Reno Nevada and play me, we can do a battle report of me tabling you...I mean of the game. Comments are welcome but will probably be ignored from sheer narcissism, oh well. TILL NEXT TIME....PLAY WELL, ROLL BETTER!


  1. Yes this list is effective. First hand witness here...

  2. Thanks for making the drive to play and for a great game

  3. Hey no problem. Same to you. That was the first time I have faced BA. I have been considering them for my second army, and our game solidified that idea. I just love how you can bring all your force's might down on your opponent so fast.

    Also, let me know if you have any other spare marine stuff. I am always looking for bargain bitz. And I can use it all, being as that I have nothing but foot-slogging wolves and termies.

  4. oh look oadius is just another stelek with his amazing vivacity in his conquest to troll the internet with his awesomeness. nice one dooche.

  5. When SDM and I make it back over we are bringing Xmas to you and Makooma early. Latest we will be back in Sac is the 23rd of July.