Thursday, June 23, 2011

BATTLE REPORT: Garden vs Duke

One of our prep games for the upcoming 1850pt Bay Area Open GT event we plan to attend July30th & 31st. General Oadius and I try not to metagame each other and play hard mean games to test the limits of each other's lists. This game was Spearhead, Annihilation.

Dark Eldar win the roll and deploy first, Blood Angels drop Mephiston in a strategic location on the opposite side of the board, with the rest of their forces in Reserve...


  1. Ah! ShotDownMind you had him once you blew up that Stormraven! All you had to do was fly an empty venom near/past the DC and DC Dread and lead them around on a merry chase while your shooting took care of the rest! Nice batrep as always though and I'm sure you'll learn from it.

  2. He didn't get raven till 5 Matt. He needed to table me at that point. Game could've ended on that turn or next and you wanted him to go slower?

  3. At that point in the game I could have either backed off entirely and hoped to snipe the dread and rhino or push hard for the table. More or less for the battle report I pushed hard for table. But at the end of each turn he was ahead on Kp.

    The early mistakes I made were big. I thought I needed a lot more firepower to murder dante and SG, I should have pushed the trueborn to the middle and pounded that stormraven with another 8 lances. Pushing the blood wyches forward on the off chance that I could surround the storm raven and wreck it was also a bad gamble.

    Thanks for watching man, more to come, we are on the ramp for Bay Area Open GT!