Tuesday, June 7, 2011

40k Twin Linked Tournament: Round ONE!

The First round of the Doubles Tournament at Great Escape Games, Sacramento pitted Team ShotDownMind vs The Banished. Blood Angels and Dark Eldar vs Space Wolves and Orks! Spearhead, Table Quarters, No Reserves.

They won the roll off and went 2nd. Immediately, an amazing battle erupted...


  1. Great Battle report! Would of been really interesting to see how the game would of turned out had you guys been able to play another turn or two.

  2. Good batrep.
    Just curious why you only made it to round 3?
    They looked like they synergized well.

  3. Well, firstly I must stress that this was our first time to this tournament. The format, the missions, even the doubles "rhythm" were very new to Oadius and I.

    There was one big rules dispute, or rules education. It wasent a negative encounter, but the DC vs Gazghull combat took ages as we had to work out how to assign attacks and wounds vs IC in combat vs shooting for quite some time.

    So we felt a little like bullies, having smashed thier big character and super unit. Its loud, our opponents didnt know the Dark Eldar rules, etc etc. We felt rude trying to play both sides of our army at the same time, which is how it turns out all the rest of the Doubles "couples" played.

  4. I have to agree with Doug. Playing in a 2,000 point doubles tournament is far different then playing a 1 on 1 2,000 point game. Time management is extremely important. Building well rounded, combat effective lists that are also “quick” is tough. Teams generally need to move their units together to save time. On average turns are going to take 30 minutes. Fifteen minutes per team allowing (on average) 5 rounds of play. In missions allowing Reserves the 1st and 2nd rounds tend to go a bit quicker. Anytime a “horde” army presents itself on the field additional time is needed for deployment and movement. With only 2.5 hours per game it’s up to both teams to recognize just how important time management at the table becomes. If only one team is actively aware of how much time they’re taking during their phase it can obviously cause unnecessary issues during play.

  5. Our 2nd round opponents had it down to a nice science.

  6. Yeah, I know I use alot of Orks (I was the first Ork opponent), usually I set my sticks and have my partner move a group or two as I move the others. Also, a big part of the game is reading that mission packet before the game, as knowing what your doing before you even get to the table helps a bunch. A couple groups (not you Reno guys) took forever reading the mission when they got to the table, which adds time to the setup. Just throwing that out there. I'll try and Move faster though. :D
    Oh, Yes, you did destroy our "Super Unit" but I didn't feel like you were bullying. I just didn't know a Rule. Still had a lot of fun. Mark hosts a good game.

  7. Doug and I enjoyed that game immensely.