Saturday, June 4, 2011

Twin Linked 40k Tournament at Great Escape Games, Sacramento

1000pt Doubles here we come! Packing up the "Recon" Force now. General Oadius said he was going to sleep but that would be a first. Ive only ever played one doubles game before. The Wolfbrothers have been caught up in 1850pt battling for the last two weeks - but Oadius and I have been up to our usual scheming. Great Escape Games is expecting 20+ teams to show up.  We cant wait. The comp rules and scoring have been interesting to navigate, but we are both fielding perfect comp armies today. This has in turn given us some interesting "options" of various sorts and we think we have some lethal lists.

We will find out soon, and so will you! Bringing you the best Battle Reports on the internets, get ready for some awesome Shot Down Mind action everyone!

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