Monday, August 8, 2011

Garden List Update. Death Company & Lemartes Completed!!

At long last, the Garden is fully painted. With the completion of Lemartes and the Death Company there is only basing that remains.

This unit is MVP nearly every game and is a nigh unstoppable force. 31 attacks @ WS 5, INI5, STR5 with rerolls to HIT and WOUND, another 4 Power Weapons and 3 more Power Fist attacks...not to mention Lemartes when Fury Unbound attacks 7 times at WS5, INI7, STR6 with rerolls to hit and wound, assuming they charge of course. Feel No Pain and Fearless is a nice touch too.

Rage is a big deal and it does not always go your way but they(Death Company) are worth it. Delivering them accurately is the big challenge, but with big risks come big rewards.

At the last Contest of Champions, Lemartes and company killed 10 Grey Knight Terminators when they were assaulted because of fury unbound and master crafted on Lemartes.

I'll post again when the basing is done on the whole 1850 point army. UNTIL THEN....PLAY WELL, ROLL BETTER!!!

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