Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ultraraider's DoA Blood Angels / Best Paint Bay Area Open GT

General Oadius thought he would show off this insane army with it's hand painted goodness. you may want to pause a few times to check out the details...

Those are Astorath's legs on Mephiston..Mike says to use oven mitts when dremeling pewter for more than a few seconds, he learned the hard way.

I mentioned in the last blog that Mike/Ultraraider won best paint at the Bay Area Open GT.

Shotdownmind was easily 2nd with a nicely painted/based Demon Army coming in 3rd(although no awards were given). Had I redone the ASM's and had the Army Painter varnish for the Stormraven I could've beat out the Demon...IMO.

General Bass, SdM, Ultraraider and I drank quite a few beers and discussed painting and painting theory...going forward I'll be using some glazing techniques that Mike went over. Good company, good discussion....good beer.

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  1. Thx for the kind words guys I look forward to hanging out again, especially now that I have all these dark eldar that I have no idea what to do with lol!. Anywho ill be at Da Grand Waaagh if you guys are gonna show up, Take care!