Thursday, August 25, 2011

Genestealer feeding frenzy

Hey everyone,

It’s you favorite uber player here with news for all my fellow Tyranid players. There is usually one unit in a codex that can be considered the best unit in the codex. Taking into account points cost, survivability and killing potential. In my opinion, the best unit in the Tyranid codex is the Genestealer. I love these guys there are very few units in warhammer 40k that can stand up to genestealers in close combat. Eldar banshees, Dark elder wyches and storm shield wielding assault terminators are a few challenges. Gretknights with spychout grenades may be if your genestealers take a broodlord along. But all that aside I have been using genestealers in the most ridiculous ways possible to try and take them to the limits of their potential and I have not reached it yet. The only downsides they suffer are the same as the rest of the Tyranid codex but the ability to outflank and infiltrate midigate these issues. I recently whent to the twinlinked tournament with this list: three units of ten genestealers with scything talons toxin sacks broodlord, one unit of eight ymgarl genestealers and a Tyranid prime with scything talons and adrenal glandes. This list, worth only five kill points, got a total of twenty-two killpoints in the tournament. I tabled an Ork player and nearly tabled a Nekron player in the same game and destroyed most of two space marine armies. I also when toe to toe with Dark elder wyches and sent them packing. (not without some trouble) A combination of secret deployment and outflank made all this possible. It may not be a feasible list in every situation but no one was expecting it and after cutting all the fat out of my army I had a highly efficient killing force that made a few people take several looks at my codex to make sure I wasn’t cheating. I encourage all Tyranid players to break from the norm of “Hive guard, Tervagon and Trygon” and really try some crazy stuff. Please respond with other effective nonstandard Tyranid lists.     


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  1. I think Mawlocs are just supreme and would really love to use them someday.

    Cant Tervigons give genestealers FnP? That seems to be a great idear also.

    The Nid Codex generally hurts my brain, but it looks like that will probably be my next personal 40k project.