Monday, August 1, 2011

Garden List RESULTS. 5th of 76 competitors at the Bay Area Open GT!!!

So the headline is the news....Garden takes 5th place at the Bay Area Open GT. Congrats to IG James(OVERALL) and Ultraraider(PAINT) for their first place finishes. Thanks to Reece and the ZeroComp guys for putting on an amazing tournament. Thanks to Mike at the Battle Bunker in Antioch for letting us hang out(and for some lucky dice) at an amazing shop Friday and Saturday night. The Wolfbrothers put on a hell of a showing and we even had strong Reno Fantasy presence at the tournament.

So with 7 games in 2 days the competition was feirce. Everyone paid $50 a pop to be there and wanted to get paid back in blood.

Game 1
I faced Grey Knights with 5 psyflemen, Coteaz and 2 squads of assasin/crusader mix in Chimeras. In the end the Psychotroke grenades and assasins mix killed the DC and the psyflemen dreads killed everything else. LOSS

Game 2
I faced an Eldar list with Eldrad, a biked farseer, some warwalkers, fire dragons, rangers and warp spiders. In the End the DC slaughtered the spiders and firedragons. Dante and the Sang Guard got into the backfield and killed everything else. WIN

Game 3
I faced a spam Blood Angel list with 3 preds, 3 baals, 6 razorbacks in 2 variations and a libby. At 5 I would've won..... TIE

Game 4
I faced a Dark Eldar list with the Duke, warriors, hekatrix bloodbrides, venoms, ravagers and one fighter. In the End the DC killed 20 hekatrix bloodbrides and some venoms with hardly a casualty. Dante made a wreck of things behind enemy lines by blasting the fighter up and the Predator could not miss a shot to save it's life. I probably made 30 FNP rolls against the venoms and warriors. WIN

Game 5
I faced a space marine list with a libby, some thunderfire cannons, predators, razorbacks, ironclads, speeders and tactical troops. He killed Mephiston in mid-field shooting and the Blood Angels went insane with vengeance fueled fury. WIN

Game 6
I faced Blood angels again with Mephiston, 2 furioso blood talon dreads, razorbacks, predators and a stormraven. MEGA tight battle ending with my Mephiston making an insane leap, fleet and successful charge to contest objective while an amazingly heroic and solitary sanguinary guard held the enemy side objective, great game. WIN

Game 7
I faced a challenged Dark Eldar player who gave me a huge multi-unit assault with the DC and DC dread out of the Stormraven on my side of the board turn 3. Then to top it off he assaults Mephiston AND the Death Company with Asdrubael Vect and some wyches....well that doesn't go super well for him and Mephiston kills Asrubael while the DC and battle results kill the wyches. WIN

5-1-1 I'll take it. TILL NEXT TIME.....PLAY WELL, ROLL BETTER!!!


  1. Holy crap grats to you guys man! I didnt realize you fellas had placed so high! speaking of dice rolls... yeah. However as much crap as I give you for fielding Mr. nipple pants I think ill start using a SR/DC DCD drop based on your success. In truth the punch power cant be ignored. And would have torn apart that lash list that gave me a work over. Again grats!

  2. Wow I wish I could have been there to see all the action. Next time. Congrats on the success. Im sure the booty was plentiful!

    Makooma and I want come down to YOUR tourney, though Im not sure if our schedules will permit the travel. We'll see.