Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Fountain" final list and Ard Boyz Result

Ok so I went with 3 las/plas razorbacks and one rhino, I had to drop a stormshield for some lightning claws, but otherwise fountain was same as previously posted.

RESULTS ARD BOYZ 2011 - 2nd Place

1st game vs Eldar, massacre, all bpm.
Seized Initiative and went flat out with Stormraven to a clump of units in the corner. Power of the Machine Spirit takes off a Bright Lance and the rest of the units jockey for shots in turn 2.
His Turn 1 and nothing can see but the nightspinner who puts both of my Preds in Difficult and dangerous.
Turn 2 and the Land Raider fails to come in from Reserve(deepstriking), but the Death Company and DC Dread unload to assault, the Stormraven moves towards middle to bring in the Land Raider with it's Locator Beacon. Shooting takes down another lance and stuns a different wave serpent. Assault sees first blood and 2 KP's are scored(dread vs Wave Serpent and DC vs rangers).
Eldar turn he unloads every bit of shooting his army has to nearly kill the Death Company and wiff against the Stormraven. He assaults a lone Lemartes and kills him.
My turn 3 the Land Raider comes right down into his middle cluster with the help of the locator beacon. The Death Company Dread moves into assault some Dire Avengers. The preds blast off another lance and the Stormraven drops a wave serpent completely. The Land Raider uses POTM and kills some fire dragons that wiffed vs the Stormraven. In assault the dread kills one or two.
His turn 3 he shoots off some of the weapons from the Stormraven and moves his spiders over(too close to Land Raider), the Dread kills another Dire Avenger and he assaults the Stormraven with a Farseer and finally wrecks it.
My turn 4 I start to move the traitor to his deployment zone with a flat out move and unload the Terminators, Corbulo and the Reclusiarch into a HUGE multi assault, killing a ranger unit, spider unit and a Wave Serpent, the dread kills another dire avenger.
Eldar turn 4, what's left moves over to bladestorm the terminators in a desperate attempt to wittle them down before they are assaulted and he finally takes out a predator, the Dread finally kills the dire avengers as they try to fall back and consolidates towards some reapers.
My turn 5 the rhino with the traitor moves right into his deployment zone, my razorbacks kill his nightspinner and the terminators kill the last big unit of guardians and the traitor. His farseer falls back dangerously close to board edge. Eldar turn 5 he gets a rear armor shot on a razorback and blows it to hell, the Farseer falls of the board edge and the DC Dread kills an entire unit of Reapers in one phase.
My turn 6,I kill a spider unit. He's down to 2 models and we shake hands before playing out his turn.

2nd game vs Dark Eldar(SDM), tie, 3 bpm
I have to play Shotdownmind after going to lunch with him and we just know that it's going to be a super tough game. 5 objectives and he makes me go first and then seizes with Vect(you suck SDM). Long story short(maybe he wants to tell you) but I make turn 5 contest with flat out razorback and stormraven. He owns my deployment zone, but I managed to contest there too(miraculously) and the middle is wholly owned by the Land Raider and the Terminators who have killed everything within arm's length. A turn 6(night fight)might have seen the Blood angels win with a razorback that cut loose from my corner to go grab the 4 point middle obj, but time was too close and we called it.

3rd game vs Daemons, tie, 2 bpm
I wiff in shooting vs the Soul Grinders all game...if I would've just killed them with any of the shooting then the rest of his army completely bounced off of mine, would've been major or massacre. Good general though, he pressed his one advantage and the dice just killed me. I still managed to kill more units(many more) and score more vict points then him but not enough to even get a minor victory.

Grats to ShotDownMind for 1st place!!


"Would somebody please hand Mephiston an Iron Halo?!!"

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