Sunday, May 25, 2014

That’s so good, it makes me wanna slap my mamma!

They say they have to Act Fast to prevent players from getting used to playing a "certain way" that could undermine their organized events. 

Wow - the kind of stuff you will start to say when you are in charge. 

I submit that the very speed and vastness of their rule changes and "solutions"  specially in light of their self declared Expertness is all the evidence we should need to throw their garbage out with just as much quickness. Not even 48 hours into the new RULEBOOK they claim to have tested so exhaustively - enough to basically change or "limit" almost every part of the New Game.  They tell us, someone MUST take the reigns on this beast!

They strike straight at the heart of the game by not just suggesting that we all ban "stupid-unfun" Unbound, but that we also need to go directly against the grain and limit detachments. They did this one exactly to us over the last eight months (and longer with 2xFOC) and this was GW's response, "Any number of Any type of detachments." Thats how lists are built now, its how GW wants us to play the game they have designed - live it it and embrace it. Its ok to be pissed off at GW not agreeing with you, but taking it out on the rest of us Again is not acceptable. I dont think we should be throwing anything out at this point, Unbound included, as it is part of the Game structure provided for us.

Next they want to completely change or "limit" the new Allies system AND the new Psychic phase. Again, forcing the implementation of their system of 40k - changes they already made For Ease Of Tournament Play over the last year, changes that GW obviously does not agree with. The ink on our new Rulebooks is hardly dry and they have come to the fast conclusion that they are in the position to fix what needs to be fixing. Hands off you blood suckers! Again, there is no possible way they have tested or done anything that would be necessary to actually justify such sweeping core game mechanic changes. 

Thats just the old "problems" they are still chasing around, and now its our natural vocabulary just to go and limit or ban something instead of actually figuring out how to solve it on the battlefield. Holy shit, the new rulebook lets players endlessly spawn deamon hoardes? Better hurry up and ban that obviously broken stuff before someone plays it and develops bad habits of reading and following the rulebook!

They use "abuse," "stupid," "not fun," "not fair," as magical buzzwords that command community response and fast action! They are hypocrites with a agenda for profit that they criminalize GWs with while hiding their own schemes for whats in our wallets. They are Flim Flam men - con artists who gained our confidence long ago and are now lording it over the community they praise as strong and just and intelligent. Just the right combo of Expert Hat and Carny to keep us all on the hook. 

Which means instead of using the natural game tools provided to us by the game designers to stop the "stupid, abusive" 2+ re-rollable save we will instead keep the Old Guard's Houserules. All of them. Instead of playing 40k we are playing a game of make your own game. The Expert Hats have already banned everything, and will inform us along the way of what is allowed.

GW has spoken. They wrote to us on the 25th anniversary of 40k telling us exactly what they planned to do with the game. Since then, they have done exactly as they said they would. The Expert Hats smashed the 6e rulebook to pieces fighting against almost every major element of the game. They are doing the same now but with even more lightning speed and ruthlessness. They used to say look GW doesn't know what they are doing in any way whatsoever, besides they are evil as they are out to make profits right? They said nothing was intentional, nothing designed intelligently, nothing play tested.  GW has published Many supplements, updates, new sourcebooks, and now a new Rulebook that even had an introductory preparatory bombardment of VIDEOS that said bluntly we did this on purpose, with intention, and as a response. How many other forms of communication must GW use for the so-called Experts to get it?

So we get down to the real problem. Its not GW, its that GW doesnt tell us how to run and sanction Tournaments, or rank players - that a lot of other games and game companies do. The Expert Hats are exploiting this actual flaw and have declared themselves the masters of such, simply because they are doing it - and that is the problem that we the actual community should go about solving. We are the problem since we are allowing the Expert Hats to appoint themselves. They even tell us that - they HAVE to do this, because we want them to, and now we are at a point where "Zero Comp" actually means a long list of Composition Limits and Houserules, and we aren't even just a little bit of the path, we are so far lost we dont up from down. The Expert Hats have made so many sweeping changes and are not just considering more, but planing on how and when to roll them out that we are no where even close to playing the actual game of 40k.

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