Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WARNING: Your Grandmother may be reading your FaceBook right this moment!!!

The way we are going to do this right is by first rejecting the Expert Hat's insistence that they are the arbiters of How 40k should work on the tabletop. 

What has been going on is that the self appointed experts communicate intimately with each other, then they decide collectively on how most stuff will be done, and then they feed it to us in long articles, sometimes with graphs and charts and ultra-scientific polling. They make long winded explanations about why they are an Expert and so that justifies and canonizes their Opinion as Fact. They have done it consistently over the last two years and now have so much momentum they don't even believe they owe us explanations or justifications anymore - if someone disagrees they just declare it as uneducated inexperienced Heresy. 
We don't have a problem with forging a narrative or making up your own rules as you go. As champions of The Rulebook we would be hypocrites if we did, as The Rulebook tells you do do just as much. Its how they package themselves and their product and related products, the ridiculous reasoning and justifications or lack thereof, the lack of transparency and influence on how rules changes and limitations are enacted, the falseness behind their claim that they are just doing what We are asking them to do, and the dishonesty about the business side of thing - that their business-model includes making a buck from us. 

We want to throw out the layers of complication added by so-called Experts over the last two years. All of their assumptions and grandeur of experience doesn't hold much water anymore because they have squandered our confidence. In many ways we never even played 6e. They threw out whole sections of the game, hated their own metagame, and then were forced to make rules changes - we went straight to 6.1 and ended up with 6.4.23. The Expert Hats acted too quickly in the past with too little research and too much salesmanship and we let them.  We want to start at the beginning, the baseline, the Rulebook - Actually play the New Game

Choosing Your Army, The Most Important Rule and Preparing For Battle

The game already has a natural hierarchy with a huge variety of army-tools and competitive scenarios. Fundamentally we want to play the game as intended from list building to tabletop deployment to tactical and strategic decision making and gamesmanship.

 1st -No Composition Limits. Bring what you want to play, and play to win. 

2nd - Roll-off. If there is any type of problem, roll it off and keep playing.

3rd - Play the missions and victory conditions: Roll-off, the winner selects either Eternal War or Maelstorm of War mission table and rolls a mission to play. If either army contains a Lord of War, then the winner of the mission selection roll-off could also choose to roll a mission from the Altar Of War mission table.

There is no time for Peace. No Respite. No Forgiveness. There is Only War!

Lets play 40k! Lets MURDER and DESTROY each other on the tabletops with no Mercy!  Lets make only the smallest changes necessary, and only when they are actually necessary. Something we can only discover by taking off the gloves and going at it as intended in the Grim Darkess of the Far Future

Lets reject silly excuses, false expertise and loudness as reasons to modify... anything. Lets go actually find out whats out there in the Warp for ourselves and stop blindly following around the guys with the coolest or most expensive Hats. Lets demand that we actually be treated like a community and not a mob of idiots. 

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