Monday, May 26, 2014

We done plowed this furrow clean down to the bedrock! Time to rest the mule.

Less than a week ago part of "the problem" the Expert Hats illustrated for us constantly was that GW was not listening or responding to "the community." The Expert Hats have stopped trying to convince us that GW doesn't care, cant do it, doesn't know how, doesn't listen, and doesn't respond. Now that they Know that GW seems to care, and that they have definitely responded. The Expert Hats have shifted to "continued innovation." They will make the Houserules and Limitations now fast and quick to prevent bad habits in players - namely playing the game as written and intended.
GW has responded with a bucket of changes. They got rid of a ton of stuff the Expert Hats hated and had thrown out literally less than two years ago with the release of 6e. Area terrain and mysterious terrain is now basically non existent. Terrain Placement is gone, double roll off for deploy and table halves gone, fortifications only deploy in your deployment zone vs table half and score - just to name a few items. They also doubled down on many elements they obviously want in the game, namely whats allowed and how to build your army: dataslates, supplementals, more than two sources of Murder. There is no confusion on where they stand now, and so there is no further NEED or Justification on that level for the Expert Hat's Solutions. Now its about saving face, spinning the problem correctly to gain the hearts and minds of the masses. Its about ticket sales, markup, and profit.

The Real Problem for the rest of us is that we don't have any GW provided Tournament system, we don't have a organization like DCI or USCF with transparent rules and systematic manners for becoming members, ascending into leadership, or have anything like a real say or vote or direct influence on how to run tournaments, handle "rules issues," or rank players. This is the real hard part of the problem we have to deal with, the Problem the Expert Hats are using as their utmost excuse for everything. The other real problem is that everyone wants to make a buck and a whole bunch of those jokers want to make a buck without telling you so - they actually use the shear amount of effort, sacrifice and grandness of it all to sell themselves and justify their fabulous cranial apparel.


So that's where we start now - a booming and motivated rejection of Limited-40k by way of self appointed Expert Hat clans. Step one is to be true advocates of  40k Unlimtedmythbusting the nonsense profit driven agendas of the Limited-40k Expert Hat Oligarchy, the Actual Champions of No Composition limits.

We want to see the smallest, least-impacting changes as possible For Ease Of Tournament Play. We want to see a working Player Ranking and Handicap system and we want to have an "accessible and transparent rules council." We want TOs to keep it simple and not make it into a salespitch filled with sophisticated "FIVE FIGURE" grandeur.

The Expert Hats are already screaming Heresy! They will undoubtedly unleash a War of illegitimacy on us without remorse. Remember when they start to string us up for the lions to tear apart in front of the crowd who's pocket your silver is going into just for the chance to enter the Colosseum.

Get ready for a Fight! For those of you Lone Wolves behind enemy lines please know that The Basket is Near the Mantle... the rest of you prepare for MURDER and GLORY on the tabletops, or start picking out what kind of sauce you would like with your Expert Hat, because we promise to Provide and guarantee a wide variety of Flavors.


  1. Your brand of bile makes me think of what a fan boy version of Stelek would sound like after getting a ticket from the cop who just ran over his pet gerbil while PMSing.

  2. Bruce Capua = expert hat fanboy. Your comment is the same as every other fanboy sucking ass and allowing rules to be changed without any testing or even objective discussion. Don't you have some dick to suck?