Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Battle Of Kornovin: Vengance of Lord Draigo

You should know by now that General Oadius plans to carve his name in your chest with this Army, and he wants you to know it and see it, and ask for mercy - knowing that none will come...

Awesome Psyfleman Dreads and a Vindicare backed up by The Techmarine, Stormraven, Chimera, Rhinos and Razorbacks.

I proposed a "contained" version, with the intent of building armored shoulders around the psybolt ammo - this variant was denied by the General.

 The Techmarine is an ultra-powerful component of the Grey Knight Legion.

One of my favorite models ever, massive in all ways! I already have a Space Wolf Iron Priest, but I NEED one of these guys for myself now!

 The Dreads feature Kornovin pattern paint scheme.

This is the initial OSL installment, and its Army-wide at this point. From this stage I will start to pull back the weathering and OSL where necessary and get into the first level of highlights. This all starts with another "ink stage" with reds, blues, purples, and more brown and black.

Then more foundations and metallics and on to the actual first set of highlights.... Hope you all enjoy!

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