Tuesday, November 15, 2011

THE TERMINUS DECREE: Grey Knight Army Update

 General Oadius' Grey Knight Army is coming along nicely! The entire 2500pt+ "School List" starter lineup is easily at "tabletop" standard and beyond.

 Just finishing the ink on a the dreads and some of the foot units. Then various OSL throughout the army will get its first installment via airbrush!

 Death begins when the Inquisition appears. They want you to see them.

Its too late once you know the Grey Knights are involved.

Lord Draigo is the ultimate recon or reinforcement!

All the vehicles ready for OSL installment!

 Inquisitor Coteaz

 Shooting at you soon...


  1. Looking good! I really like the storm chickens. The wing stripe is a real nice touch.

  2. So close... this is just a killer paint job, and you arent even finished...

  3. Outstanding work sir! Can't wait to bring this army to the table.

  4. Nice! I have a necron army for you to work on when you finish this one!