Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DEATH TO OUR ENEMIES: 2011 Contest Of Champions

Throughout the year we have been making our way over the hill to Great Escape Games, Sacramento every other month to compete amongst the most brutal of competitors in the Six-Tournament long Warhammer40k Escalation League: The Contest Of Champions. It has been a truly awesome experience in all ways.


General Oadius blazed the trail and since January the Wolfbrothers Club has attended every event possible with as many able bodied Generals as possible. 

We cant get enough of the hardcore competition! We have also made our way to a few Twin Linked Doubles Tournaments. All Events at Great Escape Games are HUGE and PROFESSIONAL and FUN! 

We have made a lot of Great friends as well as an equal number of Mortal enemies.  Our Lone Wolves like Makooma, Daywalker, MadJohn and Marc - we appreciate your support Brothers! To the WolfsBane Casey and the rest of your rotten crew and other dirty bastards, we Honor your skill, warrior spirit and your love of The Hunt!

We will be back soon! Twin Linked on December 18th here we come, as always with the most hardcore motley we can arrange, and We will do Battle!


  1. Makooma and I will be at the TL Tournament.

  2. Sweet, I cant wait to shoot at you with Shatterfield missiles!

  3. i hope you guys are bringing blood angels! Because Those Grey Knights dont stand a chance! The blood claw in me will likely show in this next tourney!