Friday, November 11, 2011

Lord Draigo's Void Dragon

Been furiously working on General Oadius' Grey Knight army. This video features the personal ride for Lord Kaldor Draigo, enjoy the update!


  1. Hello, This is a little off the subject and it looks like you reside in the Reno/Sparks area. So do you happen to know where I can pick up some Testors Dullcote? I have been to both Michael's, the rail store downtown and Hero's.


  2. I'd order it online if you can't find it at those three places....

    what are you using it for? From the product description it sounds like you could use Army Painter's Matte Finish or the Citadel/GW stuff if you wanted a really "dull" look.

  3. Thanks again, going to have to order from Hobbico then.
    Its what I use as a sealent, it really knocks the shine off the metallic paints more than the others lacquers.
    I am painting some silver marines, so I usually prime, paint, black wash, seal, paint details, and seal again.

  4. that stormraven is looking epic! i am very intrigued at how you are able to fit the vehicles together without glueing them.

  5. Heroes Games & Hobbies carries testors products recently, ill check on Tuesday!