Saturday, November 26, 2011

DEMONHAMMER: GK-vember is Awesome!

The Grey Knight Army of General Oadius is at an awesome stage. Ready for initial OSL effects army-wide, its really about to come-to-life beyond the tabletop level. Just in time, I know that General Oadius is chomping at the bit to shoot at you with multiple Psyfleman Dreads, and more...

The Army has a healthy mixture of "old" pewter GK/Inquisitorial models. Once mustered in full, everyone got the same Red-brown-black-grey-white treatment with the airbrush.

Lord Draigo and his pal Coteaz, after the Red but before the Brown. (~1" swaths!)

 After the underpainting, all of the Grey Knights got a very light coat of Boltgun Metal followed by smooth "highlight swaths" of Mithril Silver.


After the heads are installed and all the base colors applied, Devlan Mud and Badab Black ink/washes go down where necessary, which may seem like everywhere, but its mostly just around and between and inside of everywhere. 

Brown first on the lower portions of the models (knee down) and any stone or tin areas. Black underneath all surfaces, in the knee and elbow joints, fingers etc. Important attention paid to all the Hammers, Halberds, and Swords with the black as prep for Osl. Brown and Black inks layer at this level and add tremendous depth and texture to basic basecoating - use both!



Next up is glowing Swords, Hammers, Halberds, Psycannons, Autocannons, Assault cannons, Heavy Bolters, and a bitch load of green eyes, stay tuned!


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