Friday, November 18, 2011

FORCE WEAPON: Keeping up with the Grey Knights, Part 2

The Grey Knight Army is progressing at rapid speed. This article will detail the Inquisitorial Section of this awesome force - handle with care!

Starting with the underpaining of course. Coteaz and some other models were already built and primed when I got them. Since the underpainting for the army would include a black stage I didnt worry about the 3 color primer, the henchmen would end up as very dark models in the end anyways.

A few models were old painted pewter guys, I just airbrushed right over the old paint job. 

Scab red, Snakebite leather, chaos black "color swaths" on the lower half of the models.

 Then the basecoating - metalics and foundation colors almost exclusively, and all watered down with distilled water to "break the medium" and make the paint go a lot farther, easier to work with, and "more" transparent - you want the underpainting to show!

Ah yes, a few Fortress Grey line highlights here and there on the Henchmen and Assassin armor. Nothing fancy, a much sharper contrast then the underpainting offered for highlights/shading.

Technically these models are beyond "tabletop" and ready for appropriate ink/glaze. I think its really important to use brown and black inks, and sometimes complementary or contrasting colors in layers to build up the detail from this stage.

 After some quick ink, The Army will be ready for initial OSL effects....

Thanks everyone!

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