Thursday, November 3, 2011

Starting at the start: Malcador the Sigillte, Nathaniel Garro, Iacton Qruze, and Amendera Kendel

Did you know that the Inquisition has an enslaved Void Dragon and legions of "freed" Necrons at their disposal? They do, and that is damn cool right?

Last week I built a bunch of stuff:

 Rhinos and Razorbacks and Dreadnoughts AND a StormRaven - it was intense, my thumb was sore!

 I had never built a Stormraven or any Dreadnoughts before, this was a lot of fun. General Oadius put together the Chimera and one of the Rhinos was confiscated from some other battle brothers for our higher purposes here.

More awesomeness inbound, beware Xeno scum!


  1. man i wish i had an airbrush.

    @SDM, please let me know if you still have space wolves vehicles i can take off your hands. im desperate.

  2. Two vindicators, could be tore down into rhinos, and then two rhino/razorbacks, two land raiders, 3 drop pods, 3 landspeeders (typhoon or normal.)