Wednesday, November 2, 2011

GK-vember: Hail General Oadius!

A few weeks ago General Oadius had me run up these Grey Knight Terminators as test models for his new army, coming to a game store near you soon. I went as overboard as I was comfortable with lighting and other effects all over the models. Epic Awesomeness was the name of the game - these guys have fought though One Thousand Years of the Warp on their own only to show up with cooler weapons then everyone else...
Some quick red, brown, bronze, black, grey, white, and blue "underpainting," and then salt.

 Salt washed off.
 Airbrushed the "silver" then painted and highlighted the model to "tabletop."

 Object Source Lighting applied with airbrush+ then touchups and another level of highlights.
 General Oadius approved wholeheartedly... on to the 3000+pts of Grey Knights!

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